Parent Volunteering

Whenever swimming competitions are held, the event organisers require volunteers to run the event. There are many types of helpers required:

  • At the medals table

  • Announcing the races

  • Setting and running the technical equipment

  • Race preparation e.g. marching in

  • Reception and catering

  • Judges and Timekeepers


The more established swimming clubs provide a good flow of officials through their parent training schemes and for us it is important to also chip in and help. This will help our club’s development if we can provide officials. The more parents actively know the rules, the better also the understanding between parents, swimmers and coaches.

There are minimum requirements for each league of swimming competition e.g. level 1, 2, 3 and 4 as to how many qualified officials a swimming meet requires so that the results can become official.

Hackney Aquatics can provide and help train officials.

Training schemes for Judges and  Referees are available through the County Swimming Association, in our case Middlesex, which are run at certain dates and times of the year.


For 2019 these dates are published here.

The initial training consists of a 3-hour meeting, followed by another 2 x 2-hour meetings. Trainees will receive a training log-book to record progress.  All other training commences pool-side when your children are attending swimming galas. You can take as long as you like to complete the qualification.

The sport needs parents to help with galas and the swimmers are very grateful if the parents are helping with the sporting achievements. Parents who help will not have to pay entry fees for galas.

If parents do not wish to formally qualify to begin with, please help at the time-trials as time-keepers and that will help with future qualifications.

To register your interest please contact Frauke on

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