The Donation Sale is back

​This time we’re going digital and making the sale more fun. You're able to bid for items auction style. The highest bidder wins the item. 

Swimsuits, jammers, club kit such as tees, hoodies, shorts and pants and equipment like fins, pull buoys, hand paddles, snorkels, mesh kit bags and more. Click on the PDF document below to see all 98 items for sale and find out how the auction works. Hurry - don’t wait as the sale closes 15.12.2020.

Collection of donation items takes place Friday 18.12.2020 between 7:30 and 8:00 outside Clissold leisure Centre.

Grab yourself a bargain

You decide how much you want to pay

The more you give, the more you raise for your club

By buying second hand you support recycling

Click on Donation_Sale_V2 PDF below to see how the auction works and which 106 items you can bid on. Check out the last page for some last minute auction additions (brand new race hats in unopened packaging, tees and equipment).






Click on date_Donations PDF below to see the up to date list of bids.


Lost Property

Please make sure to mark all your equipment. 

Clissold Pool

Any equipment found at Clissold Pool will be stored for 7 days in the club cupboard. You can check if we have found your lost property by sending an email to 

After 7 days any unclaimed lost property will be automatically added to the donation sale.

Kings Hall, LAC and London Fields Lido

For any equipment left behind at LAC, Kings Hall and London Fields Lido please contact the reception desk at the respective pools.

Please note coaches are not responsible for any equipment left behind at any of the pools