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Club Kit 

Swimmers are expected to wear HAC club shorts and T-shirt when they attend the swim galas (not training). 

We do not hold stock, although occasionally we have a couple of extra sizes in T-Shirts.

Orders for the new seasons have now been placed and the next order window will be announced in the weekly newsletter

(likely to be in early 2022).

If you are new to HAC and not sure what to order please feel free to contact Hester at kit@hackneyaquaticsclub.org.                    We recommend you start with a T-Shirt and bermuda shorts/women shorts to wear poolside at competitions.

You do not need to wear club kit for training (i.e. if you do not compete there is no need to purchase club kit).


Swim hats are mandatory for all HAC swimmers.

The NEW ARENA swim hat should be used for both training and competitions.

Swim hats (£6.00 each) can be purchased at the club desk which is open every Friday between 18:00-20:00.

Kit Offer

Please see images of the club kit, prices and size* offer below.

All tops will have the HAC logo embroidery only (no logo on shorts and pants). We have had mixed feedback on whether to include or not a name on tops and decided to still offer this but at an extra costs of £3.50. This is to make it fair for those of you that prefer to get a top at a lower price (and making it easier to pass it on to siblings and friends when outgrown) and for those of you that don’t mind to pay extra to give the option to include the name embroidery.

We do recommend you label all kit as items get easily mixed up during galas.

*Click Size Guide PDF below for advice on adult and junior sizes 

How To Order?

1. Place Order 

Please fill in the order form* (click on PDF button above) and send to kit@hackneyaquaticsclub.org.

(Remember that we do not hold stock and the next order round will be early 2022.)

2. Confirmation
You should receive an order confirmation within 2 working days of placing your order. If you do not receive a confirmation please email kit@hackneyaquaticsclub.org to make sure your kit order has gone through. 

3. Payment

You'll receive an invoice and ask to make payment before collecting your kit.

4. Delivery

We will send you an email to advise you when to pick up your order from the club desk. Unfortunately delivery times are still affected due to Covid-19 and may take longer.

We ask you to pick up your oder within 2 weeks so we do not have space to store your ordered kit.

Club Kit