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Hackney Top of the Arena League

Hackney Aquatics are placed first heading into the final round of the Division 2 London Arena League after another dominant display at Watford this weekend. The team fought magnificently with many big personal best times and close races won.

Hackney were neck and neck with rivals Aylesbury for much of the gala, however pulled away at the end, despite having a DQ early on. Out of 50 races, Hackney won 32 of them and didn't slip lower than 4th at any time showing the strength across the whole team.

Head Coach Rick Hall was yet again very proud of his team, "today we showed our strength across all age groups" he said. "What was most pleasing was how many personal best times came out of the gala, showing how many swimmers performed at their best for the team. Even more pleasing was the comments on our skills (underwater work especially) whilst hitting these PBs."

The final round takes place on Saturday 10th December and will be incredibly close - Bexley, Dunmow Atlantis, Putteridge and Aylesbury all very close to us on points. The top 2 teams get promoted and if everyone steps up to their best again, Hackney have a great chance of being one of those.

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