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County Call Up for Jude Costley

Congratulations to Performance Youth Squad swimmer Jude Costley (15) who has been selected to represent Middlesex County at the National Inter-County Championships! The team is selected by the fastest swimmers in the following joint age groups; 12/13, 14/15, 16/17 (age at 31st December). This is the first time that a Hackney Aquatics Swimmer has been asked to represent the County at the Championships team is a great honour for Jude to be selected.

You will be able to watch all the live action from Ponds Forge, Sheffield Sunday 7th October at approx 12pm on the Swim England website.

Middlesex at the County Team Champs

Middlesex are a consistent top five team at the County Team Champs with last year’s fifth place on 372 points stretching their run of top-five finishes to eight years.

The County Team Champs is always a fun, colourful and competitive event played out in front of a packed house in Sheffield’s Ponds Forge.

It kicks off the competitive short course season for many of the swimmers taking part. More than 900 swimmers compete from 36 counties with races going on in two pools at the same time.

The Competition

The County Team Championships is split into two divisions. Division 1 typically has 20 teams while Division 2 has up to 20.

The event takes place in two short course (25m) pools at the same time – one for Division 1 races, the other for Division 2.

There will be two heats for each event on the schedule with heats in Division 2 starting about 20 seconds after those of Division 1.

The heats for individual races will be seeded according to entry times but the team events will be randomly drawn.

Individual events are contested over three age groups – 12/13 Yrs, 14/15 Yrs and 16/17 Yrs. There are 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke events for each age group with one swimmer competing from each county.

There will also be 4x50m Medley Relays held for each age group and one Mixed 6x50m Freestyle Relay. The mixed relay consists of teams made up of one boy and one girl from each age group.

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