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Swimmer of the Month October 2018

Well done to our October 2018 Swimmer of the Month winners. The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Performance Youth Squad – Aiofe Pearson (Petchey Award Winner)

Aiofe has made huge progress this season in all areas of her swimming including her training, competition results and her attitude. She is regularly making best times at her recent competitions and most importantly working hard at the skills and processes she has learnt in training

Competition Youth – Abel Sinko Uribe

Abel has returned to the pool after a break from his successful last season. He represented the club well at the first round of Arena League and has been great for his training group since.

Age Squads – Leah Lipsey-Swarbrick

Leah's consistent demonstration of great skills and habits even in the toughest sets and races has earned her this month's SOTM award for the Age Group squads. Leah maintains commitment to her sport with great attendance, enthusiasm and as a result of her recent performance in competition, a great surge in confidence. A great example for her peers, if Leah continues like this throughout the season and I'm excited for what she will achieve!

Competition Dev – Dylan Jackson

Dylan has had both an excellent attendance and punctuality record this season and Coach Tony has been impressed with how he has worked hard on meeting his targets both in training and competition. This was particularly evident at the recent Basildon meet where Dylan swam some very well processed races.

Skill Dev – Enzo Shearman (Skill Dev 3)

Enzo has been superb in both training and racing this season and has really impressed coach Avian. He has a great attitude and was recently selected to represent his school at the English Schools swimming competition

Club Squads – Jake Evans

Jake has been attending regular sessions with a purpose to improve. His attitude has inspired many other swimmers in his squad and he has now been rewarded with a move into Competition Youth Squad.

Academy - Susanna Holling (Academy 3)

Susanna has a great attitude in lessons, always listens and gives 100% effort in everything she does, to include great attendance since the start of term.

Well done to all our winners

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