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Swimmer of the Month November 2018

Well done to our October 2018 Swimmer of the Month winners. The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Perf Youth Squad – Ilyas Ahmed (Petchey Award Winner)

Ilyas has continued to show outstanding training ethic, character and respect throughout his swimming and this month his hard work has paid off with his first ever national time. Ilyas is incredibly polite, always says thank you at the end of a session but also goes beyond that with appreciative messages to his coaches. Ilyas is always ready to help and mentor younger swimmers and also shows his passion for improvement with detailed feedback and evaluation after racing

Age Group Squads – Dureti Parkes

Dureti's biggest achievement this month is in building her character to become more competitive, a stronger work ethic and team spirit which has been fantastic to see. Her attendance, attention to detail and work ethic in training have been worthy of commendation. Furthermore, Dureti is always polite and appreciative as well as supportive to her team mates. This has resulted in her positive performances at Arena League and Club Championships.

Competition Youth Squad – Bobby Zapryanov

Bobby has shown great passion, drive and commitment to his sport and the club over the past couple of months through health difficulties. Bobby has maintained a positive attitude and work ethic at training and has managed his time well to be successful academically as well as in the pool.

Competition Development Squad - Gaia lacobelli

Gaia's attendance as well as motivation has increased since the start of the season. Gaia takes feedback in a positive way as she now notices that it's room for improvement. Also, Gaia is leading the lane rather than hiding at the back and gives great answers whenever questions are asked.

Skill Development Squads - Maya Anthony (Skill Dev 1)

Has been positive during challenges that her coach has set her in training and competitions which shows the mental toughness needed to succeed. Maya has a improved her attendance and always comes with a purpose to improve.

Club Squads - Elsie David (Junior Silver) Elsie has excellent attendance and has become much more independent when given a set. She is capable now of leading a lane and is able to commit to what is asked of her in turn creating a positive swimming environment for the rest of the group.

Academy - Frida Panzeri.

Frida has made outstanding progress since the start of the season in September. Frida has adapted to a new coach and taken onboard essential feedback as well as being keen to improve her strokes. Frida's drive and energy have motivated her to seek a new challenge to proceed in her swimming pathway by competing in the club championships. Well done Frida, keep up the good work!

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