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Club Champions and Awards Presentation

Last night saw our annual Christmas Party and Awards Presentation. Thank you to everyone who helped and came along - it was a fantastic venue, amazing food and great entertainment. Please read on for a full list of all Awards and winners. Congratulations to everyone!


Our 2018 Club Champions

Our 2018 Swimmers of the Year

Development Swimmer of the Year

Female – Ruby Harrigan Jones

  • Has progressed from Junior Silver to Skill Dev 1 into Competition Development in the space of 6 months

  • Has competed in all competitions across the season

  • Made good improvements in terms of times across all the meets

  • Punctual, Hard working, Listens, Takes things on board and implements new skills

  • 90% attendance

Male – Mathew Guzy

  • Has progressed from Skill Dev 3 into Comp Dev

  • One of the youngest swimmers to move and swim in Comp Dev

  • Consistent in training, ask for feedback, good skills and technique

  • Trains on his own and does extra on top of his normal training

  • 85% attendance

  • Attended all competitions

  • PBing in all meets

  • Competes at a high level in other sports including Tennis which he has been selected for

Junior Swimmer of the Year

Female – Isla Silva

  • Has shown great determination despite having many up’s and downs within her season

  • Has been selected as part of the London Region Talent Camp

  • Finialled and medalled at Regionals

  • Numerous finals and medals at counties

  • Top Swimmer Award at City Of Derby

  • Works hard in training and has very high standards

Male – Llewelyn Porter

  • Has made huge improvements across competition and training

  • Listens to everything and always wants to learn

  • Skills and technique stand out both in training and competition

  • Polite, great manners and respectful

  • Pbd consistently throughout the season

  • Nearly every county time

  • Club records in most events his age group

  • County times in nearly every event

  • Meets his full attendance requirement

  • Big improvements in weakest strokes, eg backstroke

Senior Swimmer of the Year

Female – Kaia Cudmore

  • Previous to joining the club, had struggled to PB in nearly 2 years

  • Has made consistent improvements since joining

  • Great work ethic in training

  • Keen to improve

  • Overcame a difficult start to this season

  • Finals and Medal at Welsh Nationals and Regionals

Male – Kai Ogden

  • Trained superbly throughout the year

  • Great attitude and commitment

  • Managing time well through exams

  • Qualified for 5 events at Winter Nationals

  • Medals and Regionals and Counties

  • Often goes above and beyond with extra work

  • Qualified for Summer nationals in 3 events making (200 IM British, 200 Back 400 IM English)

  • Won a bronze medal in the 400 IM at English

Jeremy Tobias Tarsh – YV of the Year – Madison Taylor

  • Great attitude

  • Great role model

  • Very engaging with young swimmers and proactive on poolside

  • Has volunteered at numerous meets including ones she isn’t swimming at

  • Does 2-3 sessions per week every week

  • Volunteered at all Timetrials

  • Over 115 hours voluntary work for the club

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