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January Swimmer of the Month

Well done to our January 2019 Swimmer of the Month winners. The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Perf Youth Squad – Mika Ogden

Mika has worked incredibly hard this month despite numerous set backs through injury and illness. Her hard work paid off with some great swims at the County Championships. On top of this, Mika also helped the younger swimmers at the Championships by giving feedback, advice and leading land warm ups.

Age Group Squads – Isla Roberts

Isla is a talented swimmer but also hard working and attentive. Since joining Hackney Aquatics she has integrated well in the group, being a team player and really driving her training group forwards. Isla can even be seen helping out on poolside! Finally, she has impressed at counties with great racing but also in her support of her team mates and friends.

Competition Youth Squad – Jago Corner (Petchey Award Winner)

Jago's been awarded Swimmer of the month for being motivated to train and improve, helpful to coaches and team mates and supportive. He’s shown great character by working on his weaknesses and being inquisitive in training sessions.

Competition Development Squad – William Roher

William has become more confident in his swimming and taking on feedback. This shows as he would often place himself at the back of the lane, but now wants to get to the front. He is also very positive when being asked to step up and race.

Skill Development Squads - Gael Lessard, Skill Development 2

Gael has been very engaged during this sessions this month, he always asks questions, works hard and has a great attendance. He is a great example of the type of swimmer we want to see in skill development.

Junior Squads – Evelyn Pakule (Junior Silver/Development) Evelyn is always early and often asks for a challenge as she always works hard even if she is not feeling 100%. Evelyn also shows leadership qualities during the session whether it's being captain for relays or helping other understand the set.

Academy - Rhoswen Keeping (HAC 2)

Academy Swimmer of the month is Rhoswen Keeping in Hackney 2 for her enthusiasm for the sport, her ability to learn quickly and progression over the last few months. Rhoswen is very polite, is always wanted to demonstrate her skills and is now streamlining off every wall with at least 4 dolphin kicks.

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