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June Swimmer of the Month - Supported by Arena and Petchey

Well done to our June2019 Swimmer of the Month winners. The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Each winner will receive an Arena goody pack and certificate. The Petchey winner will also receive an extra certificate and access to the Petchey Foundation

Junior (12/under)

Emma Arpesani – Comp Dev

Emma continues to demonstrate tremendous mental strength and commitment in training. Always tries really hard in skill work sessions and is always looking to understand how drills can make her a better swimmer. She has taken a huge step up in fitness, allowing her to hold great stroke work at race pace. Her fly is now pretty awesome. Emma has been awarded SOW for being such a fantastic role model and for continually digging deep and never giving up.

Senior (13/over)

Kevin Agudelo Lopez

Kevin has been hit by a really bad shoulder injury this year but has never given up. After his treatment, he rebuilt his training and fitness with a resilient attitude. He does extra gym sessions as well as extra training sessions on his own. He has a good work ethic and is now getting back to his best times in training. A great example of how to get back to fitness after injury.


Frida Panzeri - HAC 1

Frida has been working hard on all of her strokes and skills as she is now the go to swimmer for demonstrations in HAC 1. Frida has great leadership qualities and is a perfect example of how swimmers should conduct themselves in and out of the pool. Frida has recently been rewarded with a move into Skill Dev in September.

Masters (honourable mention)

Jess Thorpe

Last week, Jess won the European Aquathlon in Romania - and is now European Aquathlon AG champion. Well done Jess!

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