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Arena October Swimmer of the Month

Well done to our October 2019 Swimmer of the Month winners! The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Each winner will receive an Arena goody pack and certificate. The Petchey winner will also receive an extra certificate and access to the Petchey Foundation

Academy - Ethan Magniez Pouget - HAC Academy 2

Ethan has shown a great interest and determination to getting better and always asking for feedback. Also, Ethan is a great listener and leader of his lane and constantly has a great attitude each session

Junior (12/under) - Cormac Stamper - Skill Development 1

Before going on holiday Cormac asked his coach what he needed to improve on going into next season and asked if he could send him some session plans. Cormac has clearly been doing the sessions sent over the holidays as his skills have significantly improved and he swam really well at Basildon!

Senior (13/over) - Mia Jones - Regional Youth - Petchey Award Winner

Mia has not only demonstrated great commitment to training since the beginning of this season, she has really taken onboard how to work with her coach in mapping out a framework for her to improve. This has led to her technically swimming better and with purpose. Mia who is only 13 yrs old broke the :30 for 50 FC at the recent Basildon meet - a big mile stone for her - well done Mia keep up the hard work.

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