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November Swimmer of the Month in Asc with Arena and Petchey

Well done to our November 2019 Swimmer of the Month winners! The SOTM is awarded to swimmers who work hard, show great performance in training and competition, have a good attendance record, demonstrate great team spirit, and are respectful and well-mannered to each other and their coaches.

Each winner will receive an Arena goody pack and certificate. The Petchey winner will also receive an extra certificate and access to the Petchey Foundation

Academy - Jake Rowe - HAC Academy 3

Jake has made tremendous progress on all his strokes since recently joining Hackney Aquatics Club particularly his breast stroke and front crawl. He is conscientious, listens well and communicates with his coach and the rest of his group when he doesn’t understand something to make sure he makes the most of the session.

Junior (12/under) - Naomi Trevelyan-Shipp - Regional Age

Naomi has been excelling in both the water and out over the past few weeks. Her determination and attitude towards training is truly inspiring and only gets better each week. A well deserved swimmer of the month, keep up the good work!

Senior (13/over) - Amine Amar - Junior Masters - Petchey Award Winner

Amine is very new to the sport of swimming. Since joining HAC Junior Masters his stroke work particularly in breaststroke and freestyle have improved immensely. He comes to practice like clockwork with bags of enthusiasm and works extremely hard to keep improving. He also participated in last season’s open water program, and caught the the outdoor swimming bug. From that point on he has always shown at the Lido training sessions no matter how cold or wet the weather to help improve his swim endurance. Amine also took part in the recent HAC Club Champs - well done Amine keep working hard - it’s a great pleasure to witness such enthusiasm every training session.

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