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Hackney Presentation Night

Well done to all our winners from the Presentation Night

Club Championship Winners:

1 Elliot White Matthew Guzy Llewellyn Porter Dylan Jackson Tom Lea Marco Roberts Ilyas Ahmed Kai Ogden

2 Oliver Miles Humayun Rob Asher Duckworth Aaron Thomas Epstein Gabriel Kieskiewicz Bryan Piedra Ojeda Fraser Carlton Jude Costley

3 Aneirin Lessard Edward Metcalf Gael Lessard Mateusz Miskiewicz Omar Hassaballa Ley Ito Jago Corner Javier Peris Simo

1 Eleanor Porter Tess Jackson Isla Roberts Naomi Trevelyan Shipp Mika Ogden Ronni Phillimore Aoife Pearson Margot Celestine

2 Amber Higgs Smith Agynes Bowman Dureti Parkes Marie Girardet Chloe Baduna Leah Lipsey Swarbrick Kitty Leggett Kai Marriott

3 Maryam Sufian Logan Dickson Lara Pospisilova Chaimaa Boukdir Mia Jones Gabriella Olympio Tahlia Deaner Clemmie Butler Brown

Jeremy Tobias Tarsh – YV of the Year – Jude Costley

  • Great role model

  • Always first to support swimmers and lead swimmers at competitions

  • Great attitude

  • Despite training 8 sessions per week and managing school work, he still volunteers for 1.5 hours every week on his evening off training

  • Very engaging with young swimmers and proactive on poolside

Disability Swimmer the Year – Saffire Fontenelle

  • Fantastic trainer and is the first of our Start Para swimmers to transition into our main squads

  • Has started competing and recently competed at HAC club champs and Len Badcock Meet

  • Saffire is a very committed, determined, funny and talented young swimmer with incredible potential.

  • She is always focussed on finely tuning her skills to be the best she can at every training session. Her natural ability to be super chilled amongst other able bodied athletes allows her to get on and fight for the right to be brilliant regardless of her sight impairment.

Development Swimmer of the Year

Based on training, attendance, attitude and improvement of skills for swimmers in Skill Dev, Comp Dev and Junior.

Female – Tess Jackson

  • Very good attendance

  • Superb work ethic in training

  • Works hard on skills and technique

  • Has competed in every competition this season making big improvements to times and across the year. Also competes in a wide range of events

  • Now has her first County times

Male – Gael Lessard

  • Again very good attendance through the year

  • Also competed in all meets across the year in a range of events

  • Recently made the Arena League team because of his improvements

  • Great attitude to skills and improving technqiue

Junior Swimmer of the Year

Based on Attitude, Attendance, Teamwork, Performances in competition, Competition Improvement throughout year, Trainability, Going above and beyond in what they are meant to do, Time management, (for swimmers in Perf Age, Comp Age or 11-14)

Junior Female – Naomi Trevelyan Shipp

  • One of the hardest workers in the squad

  • Great attendance record

  • Big improvements in competitions

  • Qualified for Counties next season

Junior Male – Llewelyn Porter

  • Has made huge improvements across competition and training

  • Listens to everything and always wants to learn

  • Skills and technique stand out both in training and competition

  • Polite, great manners and respectful

  • Pbd consistently throughout the season

  • Nearly every county time

  • Won Wilkinson Sword trophy for top 11 year old in age group at 2018 Counties

  • Qualified this year for regionals at the bottom age group

  • Club records in most events his age group

  • County times in nearly every event

  • Big improvements in weakest strokes, eg backstroke

Senior Swimmer of the Year –based on criteria above plus stand out achievements (for Comp Youth, Jun Masters and Perf Youth)

Senior Female – Mika Ogden

  • Very hard worker

  • Stands out with skills and technique and application in training

  • Despite injuries has worked hard to overcome them.

  • Works hard across all strokes

  • 4 medals at regionals

  • Qualified for nationals in first time in 200 back and made first national final

  • Been selected for Swim England National Development camp

Senior Male – Marco Roberts

  • Unbelievable work ethic

  • Has his own style of finishing named after him

  • Been selected for Swim England National Development camp

  • True example of how working hard and on technique can get you somewhere

  • 3 medals at regionals

  • Qualified for British nationals in 50 Breast – narrowly missing final

  • Won medals at English nationals in the 100 Breast – 1st , 200 Breast -2nd , 200 Fly – 2nd

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