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The club continues to monitor the Coronavirus situation and is following advice from Government and Swim England. At this stage we have no plans for any changes, either to training or to any planned events. The Wycombe Meet this weekend is currently going ahead, as is our training camp in Mallorca.

However, it is likely that we will see some form of disruption over the coming months which include both regional and national level target competitions as well as British Champs. Training will, as much as possible, continue as normal. Please note that leisure centres have been closed for extended periods for deep cleaning after someone who was later diagnosed as infected, either attended or collected a family member from the facility. We do not want that to happen here if possible.

We would like to remind all members:

  • Please follow the latest Government advice relating to the spread of Covid-19 at all times - you can read it here

  • Read and follow the hygiene precautions to help reduce the spread of infection here.

  • If you or your family have been asked to self-isolate then do NOT attend training.

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