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Age Group Squads

The vision of Hackney Aquatics is to create, manage and promote a programme that offers the leading teaching and coaching provision in the London Region. We are not only about swimming fast, but also about teaching our swimmers the difference that competitive sports can make to their lives.


We do this by supporting not just their physical development, but also building mental strength and resilience. We have a varied programme that includes land training, support from a physiotherapist, yoga and mindfulness.


Our squad structure is designed to develop highly skilled and motivated swimmers from grassroots to podium success. Together with local swim schools we identify talented young swimmers to progress through our squad structure. Swimmers are encouraged to join the Club from between 6 to 10 years old, and will usually start off in our Academy or Advanced Development Squads. From there, they progress into either one of our competitive squads or into our Junior Squads.

Our key principles are to:

  1. Create a pathway that is flexible, with transparent and objective selection criteria that will allow swimmers to continue with the programme for life!

  2. Supply the best provision for every swimmer, whatever their ambition

  3. Always look at the whole swimmer, understanding that their priorities and abilities may differ and may change

  4. Communicate in a consistent and proactive way, which will include exploring new platforms for communication

You can see squad structure and our latest handbook here.


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