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The Story Of Our Crowdfunder Campaign

The global COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the finances of the club and swimmers, parents/carers and the local community all came together in March 2021 and with the help of Sport England funding raised a huge £25,450.

All monies raised is to exclusively pay for the increased pool costs and to support the hardest-hit families but also our young members and older swimmers who have lost their jobs and trying to get themselves back on track and who rely on HAC for their physical and mental well-being.

  • £25.450 we raised, 35 days it took, 243 awesome supporters from as far away as Canada, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US

  • 5,3777.92km NP cycled, £1,019 NP raised 

  • 1,019km Masters ran, walked, cycled, £2,000 Masters raised, 14 days it took

  • 2 RP Quiz nights when we had fun, £130 RP raised



See here how we did and here what the press wrote.

See here for the Crowdfunder video where a cross section of Hackney Aquatics swimmers were asked to record their responses to two questions: 1

. Why do you swim? and 2. What do you miss most about swimming while the pools are closed?

Ronan (Masters), Rosa and Naomi (Bronze)
Ciara (Para)
Emir (RP)
Dureti (RP)
Ronni (NP)&Dori (Silver)
Leah (NP)
Milen (AD2)
David_2 (RP)
Sam (NP)
Jude (NP)
Eren_2 (Masters)
Aneirin (AD1)
Jenny (Masters)
Gael (RP)
Elliot (Para)
Kai_2 (NP)
Ivy (RP)
Lena (RP)
Boaz (AD1)
Ryan (NP)
Laurie (AD2)
Ginette (Masters)
Sofia (AD2)
Kai (NP)
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